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Winter 2016/2017 issue

Season’s greetings!

As we are ending one year and look forward to the next, this winter issue of Cochlear Family News looks at the past, present and future of our Cochlear Family world.

    • See into the future with a fascinating article on the future of bionics.
    • How did she do? We have an update on Paralympic cyclist Amanda Cameron.
    • What do Kanso users think of their new device? Click here to find out.
    • Are you a Cochlear know-it-all? Test your knowledge with our fun holiday quiz.

Finally, an invitation to get in touch. Would your story interest and inspire others? If so, we’d love to feature some of your stories from time to time. Please send us your letters via the contact form and include your email address.

With all good wishes for the holiday season and a happy year in 2017.

Your Cochlear Family News team.

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Around the world

14th December 2016

Bionics of the future

Discover how Professor Graeme Clark’s work continues to push the boundaries of scientific possibility… Science or science fiction? In the 1960s and ’70s, the idea of sending electric currents into the brain to allow deaf people to hear seemed like […]
14th December 2016

Gordey Barkov swims like a fish

In the summer, we asked Cochlear Family members to share their best Aqua+ moments, perhaps telling us about an achievement that wouldn’t have been possible without Aqua+. We saw a lot of fabulous photos and comments on our social media […]

In UK/Ireland

16th December 2016

Tell us your story and win a Cochlear True Wireless Device of your choice!

Here at Cochlear Family we love to hear about your hearing journeys – each one is unique and special and starting from this Winter Edition we are running a regular prize draw to win a True Wireless Device from our […]
14th December 2016

Get to know your UK Team – James Sanderson

I have worked for Cochlear for two years and my role is to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service from our supply chain. This means acting as the link between Customer Services and Supply Chain making sure […]
14th December 2016

Connect with Sarah – a Cochlear Volunteer

My hearing began to deteriorate over 30 years ago after the birth of my first child and slowly and steadily became worse. I suppose all of that time, I had never really perceived myself as deaf.  I was coping; holding […]
7th December 2016

Cochlear Volunteers – a network of support

Most of our Nucleus® Cochlear Implant recipients start their journey by reaching out to someone who has had a similar experience with hearing loss and cochlear implant treatment options. It’s often a great benefit to learn from someone who understands and […]

Product spotlight

12th December 2016

Comfort and aesthetics are top of the chart for new Kanso®

What do people really think about Kanso®? We’ve been getting great feedback from people just like you who have already tried it.  It is no surprise that everyone loves how discreet the Kanso Sound Processor is. But what do people […]
10th December 2016

Winter ‘hygge’ is better when it’s wireless

If you haven’t yet heard of Denmark’s latest gift to the world, it’s a name for the cosy contentment and snug relaxation that you feel when you are at your most secure and happy. This is what the Danes call […]

Tips & tricks

9th December 2016

Do the twist!

Hey, everybody, let’s do the twist! No, we’re not asking you to dance – we’re talking about charging your battery modules. Our new Cochlear™ Nucleus® Battery Charger is very simple to use, but it’s slightly different from the previous versions.  […]
8th December 2016

A stitch in time…

At busy times of the year, we’re all looking for quick and easy ways to save time – maybe we leave the house cleaning a day or two longer than usual, or we jump in the car when we know […]
7th December 2016

It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it.

Cochlear recipients tell us they enjoy the best performance from their CI when they are relaxed and getting on with life. And one thing is for certain, when you’re relaxed and getting on with life, you’re not thinking about your […]

Rehab focus

6th December 2016

Marc and Maria… on a multilingual mission!

In a world where it is not unusual for people to speak two or more languages, it’s easy to see the advantage of being multilingual.  But, what should a family do when they have to consider a child with hearing […]

Kids, teens & co

5th December 2016

The Cochlear Family Holiday Quiz

Ready? Let’s go! The festive season is nearly here. It’s a time for family and friends, so why not bring everyone together and test their knowledge of all things Cochlear with the Cochlear Family Holiday Quiz.    
4th December 2016

Kids, teens & co: a new section for the young and young at heart

We’ve added this special section to Cochlear Family News, especially for kids and teens (plus your friends, siblings – whoever you want to share with).  We really want to know what interests you, so please get in touch. For example, […]

About Cochlear Family

14th December 2016

Happy families

The benefits of Cochlear Family are available to anyone who wears an implant from Cochlear. When you join, you receive a membership card and we help you keep track of important dates, like when you may be eligible for upgrade. […]
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