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20th June 2017
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20th June 2017

Graeme Clark Scholarship Award supports promising Mathematician

This year’s Graeme Clark Scholarship Award has been won by Angus Redford, who was chosen from a number of exceptional candidates.

Angus, who is 19 years old, was deafened by pneumococcal meningitis when he was just 16 months old. Implanted on his second birthday, he has gone on to excel in education and has just completed his first year of a Masters in Mathematics (Honours) at St Andrews University. On completing his studies he would like to go into industry, research or finance where his skills and hard work will contribute to making a positive difference.

Academic and personal achievement

Angus attended mainstream school, and with the support of family, friends and hearing healthcare professionals at the Scottish Cochlear Implant Programme – as well as lots of hard work and determination – achieved excellent exam results and won academic awards, including the prestigious Dux Award for Academic Excellence before continuing to advanced education.
As well as achieving academically, Angus has realised personal success by competing in bowling and curling championships for his local club. In his spare time he also enjoys rock climbing and running.

Two ears are better than one

Angus did not hesitate to accept a second implant when he was given the opportunity towards the end of primary school. He wanted to understand the direction of sound and voices more easily and thought that two ears could only be better than one.

As a Nucleus®6 recipient, Angus has been able to make full use of his wireless devices.

“Cochlear implants are part of me and they have allowed me to reach my true potential. Yes, I still need to sit in the front row of lectures and need the speaker to use a Cochlear™ Wireless Mini Microphone that transmits to my sound processors. However, with a little bit of understanding it’s not a barrier to learning.”
“I am a member of my local bowling and curling club and have enjoyed success at various levels within both sports. As part of a curling team it’s important to be able to discuss tactics and hear important instructions. At university I have joined the pool association and cross country running club. Again, I know the sound processors have enabled me to integrate more easily into these social environments.”

Angus says

“Previously I rarely used the phone. However, since getting the Cochlear Wireless Phone Clip I have been able to make and receive phone calls with no problem. Over last summer I worked in the sales office of a soft fruit marketing company. When I go back this year I will be able to connect my Phone Clip to their telephone system. This will allow me to undertake additional responsibilities.”

Angus adds

Fulfilling potential

On hearing that he had won the award, Angus said

“Although I have achieved academic success, for me personally it’s more about being integrated into the hearing world. It’s about having wider choices and opportunities. It’s about sharing jokes with my family and friends. It’s about being included and not side lined.”

“Cochlear’s vision is to provide life-enhancing hearing solutions and the scholarship is a great way to demonstrate a commitment to this vision. The award recognises outstanding academic achievement as well as Cochlear’s ideals of leadership and humanity. It is a great achievement for Angus to receive the award and we are extremely proud to honour him. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for him.”

adds Stuart Thomas, General Manager

Could you apply for the £6,000 education scholarship?

The UK & IE Graeme Clark Scholarship is open to Cochlear Nucleus implant recipients. It has been set up to help implant recipients achieve more in continuing further education at an accredited university, college or other educational institution.

If you’re completing your final year of school or Sixth Form College and have been accepted onto a university or tertiary education course, if you’re a mature aged student or a younger student currently undertaking a university degree or other tertiary education course, then you can apply!

The deadline for applications is 31st October 2017.

To find out more, please visit: or email: Kate King at

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