ForwardFocus – hear the conversations you want to (not those you don’t)

ForwardFocus is a new feature exclusive to the Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor that gives you better control over your hearing environment. The SCAN programme already provides excellent hearing in the majority of situations, but sometimes you may end up missing a few words or using a lot of energy to stay in a conversation. That’s when ForwardFocus could make a huge difference. By reducing all the distracting noise behind you, listening becomes clearer and less effort.

In a restaurant or café, for example, it can be difficult to hear, as there are lots of other voices within earshot competing with the one you want to hear. By positioning yourself so that most of the noise is behind you and turning on ForwardFocus, it is easier to focus on the conversation you want to.

Check out this video to see more about ForwardFocus:

You can also read more about ForwardFocus here.

ForwardFocus isn’t right for everyone or for every situation, so we have made it optional and easy to turn on and off using the Nucleus Smart App as you need it. Why not ask your clinician to enable ForwardFocus and try it out in different noisy environments to see for yourself how useful it can be?

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