Hearing a la mode! – the benefits of bimodal hearing
20th June 2017
When it’s time to say goodnight…
20th June 2017

Cochlear’s R&D Secret

You’ve seen the movies so you know how research works, right? One gifted scientist works tirelessly in isolation until she stumbles on a new and unique technology. She fights against authority (and perhaps another scientist with evil, selfish intentions) to defend her brilliant idea until finally she succeeds in changing the world. That’s great for Hollywood but wouldn’t you like to know how it really happens?

The daily research reality

Here at Cochlear we invest more in research than any other company in the industry. We employ the best, most skilled experts we can find and we fund independent research by others. It is those minds working collaboratively that generate the advances in technology. But we don’t just work in a laboratory to produce new technology and then see what we can do with it. Our research and development starts much earlier than that. It begins with a desire to solve the problems and difficulties that we know people with hearing loss experience every day.

Whose idea is it?

Our ideas for innovation come from many sources but mostly from learning about you and the professionals who help you. A discussion with a recipient, an audiologist or a parent might begin, “Wouldn’t it be great if…” or “I find it hard when…” and that’s the first seed of Cochlear’s innovation process. Our researchers take those comments and work to produce solutions for the difficulties and challenges in your life.

Our latest research

In May, Cochlear attended the 13th European Symposium on Paediatric Cochlear Implant (ESPCI 2017) in Lisbon, Portugal. Here, we met the foremost experts on cochlear implantation from around the world. They work in all fields and meet to share ideas and experience with every conceivable type of solution and all different manufacturers. With a focus on children, this four day conference is an intense experience, learning about what has been successful and what remains a challenge.

At the Cochlear Symposium, experts shared their experience and insight about the suitability of Kanso® for children. Its simple interface and ease of use works well for children as well as adults and, with the full range of Cochlear True Wireless Devices and Aqua+, Kanso fits smoothly into a child’s life of school, home and play. Snapshot presentations included a focus on rehabilitation, helping more professionals learn coaching techniques that have been found to work particularly well for CI children and their families. But most of all, we listened. We learned every day from the people who attended ESPCI and we have already begun to steer our research and development towards new innovations to make your future better.

What now?

Who knows where our research will lead us? One day we will look back and see that our latest world-first came from something we learned in June 2017. In the meantime, you can help. Cochlear Family is not just a chance for us to tell you what’s happening … it’s a two-way conversation and we are always waiting to hear what you have to tell us. We love to hear about your successes and how your CI has made life easier or better or how you have been encouraged to try new experiences. Just as important, tell us what you still find difficult, what you wish you could do more easily.

Get in touch! We’re listening…

Cochlear's history of innovation

For over 30 years, Cochlear has delivered numerous 'world firsts' in hearing technology.

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