Dancing with delight

Bella upgrades, streams direct to her Cochlear ™ Baha® 5 System.

For nine year-old Bella, being born with microtia and atresia, meant she could not hear with her reconstructed right ear. But receiving a Cochlear™ Baha® Implant in 2017 had an immediate improvement on her quality of life and her school grades.

See how Bella is less tired and learning better:

A recent upgrade to Baha 5 with Made for iPhone technology has helped her to join in with friends, enjoying the music and hip hop dance that she loves so much. 

“I like dancing – a lot! I listen to YouTube, Netflix and Musically. I love that I can hear from my iPad straight to my Baha.”

Baha 5 – small and smart

The Baha 5 Sound Processor is the first and only bone conduction sound processor that is Made for iPhone. As well as being able to stream directly from your iPhone to your sound processor like Bella, with Baha 5 you can take control of your hearing with the Baha 5 Smart App, which is available for iPhone or Android.

Take control with Baha 5 and the Smart App:

– Adjust the volume and treble/bass on your sound processor
– Adjust the volume of your Cochlear True Wireless™ Devices
– Change programmes on your sound processor and activate wireless streaming
– Link a personalised programme to specific locations
– Locate your lost sound processor
– View sound processor status and usage
– Access support information and daily tips

Learn more about the Baha 5 sound processor.

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