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Hello summer holidays, we missed you!

Wherever you are travelling to this summer, damage or loss of your cochlear implant sound processor should not ruin your trip.

For many of us, our most treasured memories are from holidays. But holidays can pose their own challenges should your hearing equipment get damaged or lost, or you have worries about how to keep your sound processor safe whilst you travel.

It may have been some time since you’ve travelled, so we’ve collected travel tips shared by other recipients to help you on your way!

Travelling by plane this year? There should be no need for you to remove your sound processor to go through airport security. However hearing technology can sometimes activate the alarms at security, so letting airport staff know that you have a hearing implant can be beneficial. Why not take your Patient ID card with you?

If you’re headed to the tropics this summer, avoid exposing your sound processor to extreme temperatures and consider sitting in the shade during peak heat. You can wear a sun hat to protect you and your sound processor, but try to avoid it rubbing against the microphone which might cause interference.

Katarina says, “I fold a square scarf into a triangle and tie it pirate-style. It’s loose over my sound processors and protects the back of my neck.”

For a great trip away make sure you take your spare batteries and accessories, including your battery charger, and continue to use your Dry & Store equipment whilst you are away, especially in humid climates. Take your Aqua+ Kit if you have one, to safely enjoy the beach or pool.

If you’re travelling to a less populated or more remote location, why not take disposable batteries as well, should you encounter any issue with recharging your batteries.

Jasmine travelled to Tanzania for Volunteer work. “I am very happy with the choice I made to bring disposable batteries as the electricity in the villages was a little unpredictable at times… having disposable batteries on me made me feel more confident.”

For added peace of mind, you can apply for a Holiday Loaner via the Cochlear Travel Programme.

Cochlear Travel Programme – Holiday Loaner

For full peace of mind, take a backup sound processor with you on your trip. With the Holiday Loaner plan, we send a backup sound processor directly to you before you leave home. You can then enjoy your trip, knowing that you have a replacement sound processor immediately available if you need it.

How the service works

Simply download and complete the Cochlear Travel Programme application form from our website and send it to us a minimum of two weeks before you travel. We will request an electronic copy of your MAP from your clinic and a mapped sound processor will be couriered to your address ahead of your trip. Then it’s down to you to go and have a wonderful time away with no hearing worries!

For more information, please contact the Cochlear Travel Programme team on +44 1932 263 640 or e-mail

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