Kathleen now has ‘true independence’

Upgrading to the latest sound processor technology has taken Kathleen's hearing experience to the next level.

For mother of three, Kathleen, taking advantage of the latest sound processor technology has given her ‘true independence’. 

Kathleen’s hearing loss began as a baby but in 2010, when hearing aids no longer worked, she received her first CochlearTM Implant with a Nucleus® 5 Sound Processor. Having recently upgraded her sound processor to the Nucleus® 7, Kathleen is loving the connectivity via the Made for iPhone technology and the Nucleus Smart app.

When I got the Nucleus 7, I was truly astounded at the improvement of technology over my N5.

Kathleen, recipient

‘I can now carry on conversations with anyone, anywhere, even in a noisy room, that I could not do prior,’ says Kathleen. ‘It allows me to stream music, just directly from the phone to my sound processor, and it’s truly amazing.’

Kathleen loves music and going out to concerts and finds that the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor is allowing her a ‘better listening experience’ at live concerts via Forward Focus.

She’s also loving using the telephone again. 

‘Made for iPhone has opened up my world 100%. I could talk on the phone and not have any extra devices on me, and it’s called freedom. True independence.’

The Nucleus 5 was amazing, but the Nucleus 7 truly surpasses that.

Kathleen, recipient

Watch more of Kathleen’s review of the Nucleus 7 below.

Learn more about Nucleus 7.

To find out if your Apple or Android device is compatible with the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor, visit www.cochlear.com/compatibility.

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