Three’s a charm

Tips from recipients to recipients.

At our recent Cochlear Family event in Birmingham, UK, recipients inevitably got talking about their Cochlear™ Baha® Systems and sharing ideas with one another. We think some of their tips are worth sharing with all Cochlear Family members. So, here are three of the best tips our recipients shared. Do you have any more?

Get on your bike

“I had problems wearing a helmet with my Baha. I kept accidentally pulling it off the abutment. Now I wear a small skullcap underneath the helmet. It protects the Baha and keeps my head warm as well!”

Mark the spot!

If you use a SoundArc, your audiologist will make sure the Baha is ideally situated in the best position for you. But it can be difficult to put your Baha back correctly if you take it off the SoundArc for cleaning.

“I marked the SoundArc band with a small dot of coloured nail polish.  It isn’t visible once the Baha is back on but it means I can quickly line my Baha up in the right place first time, every time.”

A special gift for someone special

“My husband and I work shifts and my mother-in-law, Sarah, helps a lot by staying at our house to look after our children. We wanted to give her a special birthday present to say thank you and our sons came up with a great idea.  They decorated and varnished a sturdy wooden box, which we filled with all the everyday items Sarah uses with her Baha – a dry kit, cleaning cloth, a charger for her Phone Clip and some spare batteries. Now, she doesn’t need to bring anything with her when she comes to stay because she already has everything she needs at our house. The boys call it Granny’s Baha Box.”

We think this last idea might also be useful for other people, for example for a child who shares time between the houses of two parents or anyone who is lucky enough to have a holiday or weekend home that they visit.

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