App-etite for sound

Have you tried out the Cochlear Baha® 5 Smart App that allows you to adjust your sound processor directly from a compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch?

With the Smart App, you can easily and conveniently change programmes, adjust your volume or start and stop streaming from True Wireless Devices.  It is super easy to customise settings and link them to your favourite locations, and the app also helps you with handy operating tips and access to assistance if you need it.  A function to help you find your sound processor is also included if you lose or misplace it.

Take a look at our website for more details, or download the app from the Apple Store.

Perfect partners

One of the most exciting things about Cochlear Baha 5 System is the Made for iPhone technology that makes streaming all types of audio from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch so simple that the only limit is your imagination.

Voice and video calls, message notifications and streaming music are probably first on your list. But, once you’ve got those set up, here are some other possibilities you might enjoy:

  • Hear turn-by-turn navigation tips from your GPS app
  • Listen to audio books or podcasts – a great way to relax, but also a chance to practice listening if you read along with the book at the same time.
  • Google Translate can be live streamed to give you an immediate translation
  • Use the built-in Live Listen function to help you out if you forgot to bring your Mini Microphone
  • When you are working out or on a run, stream your fitness app to keep you motivated

We’re always on the lookout to hear how people are using this new technology, so please get in touch if you have an idea we haven’t thought of.

Connect to your iPhone

Answers to some common questions about iPhone connectivity.

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