What’s the difference?

We are constantly bombarded with new ideas about how technology can help us. We now live in a world where a mobile phone can intuitively block calls and messages if it senses you might be driving and the washing machine can tell you when it may be time to add detergent to your shopping list.

With such developments coming thick and fast, it’s no wonder advances in sound processing technology can be confusing. So, if you were baffled by Kanso® or bewildered by Nucleus® 7, take a look at our handy comparison chart.

It’s easy to compare different devices, so you can quickly understand different compatibility and streaming options for different sound processors. The list includes all our Nucleus and Kanso Sound Processors, so you can see how technology has made life easier for recipients with each new release.

Sound processor comparison

Upgrading your sound processor? Select up to three products and compare their key features.

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