Young boy wearing a bone conduction device on a headband sitting drawing or writing

Calling all artists! Show off your creativity.

Could you create, draw, paint a piece that reflects your hearing journey?

Art comes in all shapes and sizes and expresses our ideas or feelings. Art has a unique ability to evoke a wide range of emotions within us, we can feel an improvement in mood, joy, wonder, and awe when we encounter beauty and mastery.

At our UK office in Surrey, we have many photographs of our recipients proudly displayed around the building, reminding us of why we are here and who we are helping. But we wondered, are there budding or established artists out there who could fill our office walls with vibrant and captivating pieces?

Sophie Beer, an award-winning illustrator who dealt with unexpected hearing loss, created the three pieces below representing her journey through hearing loss; Realising Loss, Confronting Emotion and Spreading Hope.

Her art uses the process of paper cutting, slashing, ripping, painting, inking and assembling to tell her story visually, sharing the emotions she felt going through hearing loss and regaining her hearing. These emotions have been translated into design and aim to speak to people going through a similar experience.

Sophie Beer, Illustration, 2018.

Could you create, draw, paint a piece that reflects your hearing journey? How it makes you feel or what you have overcome?  We would love to further brighten up our walls with your artwork; drawings, paintings or photographs created by our recipients. We want to see you and celebrate you every day.

Get in touch at and we’ll share all contributions in a future edition of Cochlear Family News.

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