The Cochlear™ Nucleus® Smart App is recommended by 9/10 users

What could this convinient app do for you?

The Cochlear™ Nucleus® Smart App (NSA) was first launched in 2017 and it was a turning point in how recipients could take control of their hearing technology through a mobile device.

The NSA is available for both iPhone and Android users with a Nucleus® 7, Nucleus® 8 or Kanso® 2 sound processor. Over 75% of recipients have now downloaded the app1 as it delivers a convenient way of managing their sound processor, without having to carry a separate remote control.

And, if you have the app on an Apple Watch, you can adjust volume, change programmes and check the health of your battery, all without taking the phone out of your pocket.

Age is certainly not a barrier to using the NSA; a recent survey established that 80% of users were aged 65-84 and found the ability to adjust the volume, enable ForwardFocus and connect to their True WirelessTM Devices such as the Cochlear Wireless Mini Microphone or the Cochlear Wireless TV Streamer very useful2.

The Nucleus Smart App is packed full of useful features

It’s not just about adjusting the volume or changing programmes, the app can help you take control in so many other ways.


If your sound processor stops working, the status screen in the NSA can help you identify the source of the problem, whether it’s a flat battery or a broken coil – so you can quickly get the issue sorted.

Have you just started out on your hearing journey?

The Hearing Tracker allows you to monitor your progress by viewing daily usage and time in speech. Set listening goals and receive tips on effective listening to help you achieve the best possible outcome from your cochlear implant.

Ever lost a sound processor?

The NSA ‘Find my Processor’ feature shows where the sound processor was last connected to the app, helping you narrow down where it may have been lost. Once in the vicinity, the Bluetooth range finder can help you further pinpoint the misplaced device – usually down to a few metres.

Access to Remote Care

More and more clinics now offer Remote Check, which allows you or your child to complete a routine appointment through the NSA on your compatible mobile device3. You can upload photos of your implant site, perform hearing checks, run an implant check, and answer questions about your listening ability, mirroring a typical face-to-face clinic appointment. The information is securely sent to your clinic for review, and they can then reassure you that all is well or let you know if further investigations are required. Together with Remote Assist, which allows you to have a video chat with your clinician and make adjustments to your sound processor settings, the NSA provides much more flexibility in how your clinic can support you. It saves on journey times, costs and days off work or school. 

Top tip!

Once paired to your sound processor(s), make sure the app stays connected as much as possible. This helps ensure the data collected for Hearing Tracker remains up to date and that the data sent to your clinic for Remote Check is accurate.

The Nucleus Smart App ensures you are getting the most out of your sound processor and hearing experience so, if you haven’t already, download the app now and take control!


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2          Cochlear Limited. D2088672 Nucleus Smart App Recipient survey. January 2023.


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