Cochlear staff celebrate deaf charities

Colleagues recognise hard work of charities

At Cochlear we love supporting charities of all kinds, but recently we’ve been busy recognising the work of some important deaf charities.

We celebrated Deaf Awareness Week in May with a visit from Ellis the hearing dog with his partner Vanessa, a volunteer from Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Vanessa shared her hearing journey with Cochlear staff and explained how Ellis has changed her life. Ellis played his part beautifully by displaying some sound work – showing us how he alerts Vanessa to certain noises.

It costs around £40,000 to train and support 1 hearing dog and there are around 1,000 partnered hearing dogs in the UK today.

Our visitor, Ellis

We also got LOUD for deaf children and celebrated Loud Shirt Day on June 7th.

Loud Shirt Day is in support of the award-winning national charity Auditory Verbal UK (AVUK) which helps deaf children learn to listen and talk. AVUK is transforming deaf children’s lives, with 80% of children who spend at least two years on their programme achieving age appropriate language.

Some of the Cochlear team in their LOUD shirts

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