Five things about the Cochlear™ Osia™ System

The Osia System from Cochlear is the world-first implant system of its kind

Twelve-year-old Albin from Sweden has worn a Cochlear hearing device since he was a baby, so he’s never felt excluded because of hearing loss.

Cochlear’s non-surgical Baha® Start solution gave Albin early access to sound but now he has chosen the Cochlear Osia System. With an Osia Implant and Osia 2 Sound Processor, he’s feeling even more confident, whether he’s at a ju-jitsu class, in the classroom or just hanging out with his best friend.

“I can have a more active role in conversations and discussions with my family and friends,” he says. “The sound is so much better and clearer.”

Albin from Sweden

What makes the Osia System different?

It’s not a Baha solution – it’s whole new system

Like Albin, it may be possible to transition between different Cochlear hearing solutions, for example from Baha Start to the Osia System. But you’ll need to seek advice from your hearing health professional as not all sound processors are compatible with all systems.

It’s a world first

The Osia System features the world’s first Active Osseointegrated Steady-State Implant, uniquely designed to deliver excellent hearing performance.

The implanted component, which is integrated into the bone, contains the active part of the system and uses technology unlike any other.

The vibrations bypass blocked areas of the natural hearing system to send sound directly to the cochlea using a digital link between the implant under the skin and the external sound processor.

In several studies, Osia users like Albin have shown a significant improvement in their ability to understand speech in quiet and in noisy environments.1–3

There’s nothing to wear in or around the ear

The off-ear processor is slim and discreet. It’s attached by a magnet, so you can simply place it over the implant near your ear, and you’re ready to go. And, with smart wireless connectivity and Made for iPhone technology, you can control your sound processor using the Osia Smart App on your compatible* phone.

Chris, a delighted Osia user

It’s designed to work in and with the body

The Osia System is completely new as it uses technologies specifically chosen and designed to use the body’s natural ability to transmit sound via bone.

Unlike some other active bone conduction systems, the technology in the Osia System has no movement between parts that can cause wear over time, so it delivers long-term performance and durability.4

The goal of the Osia System is to help you live your life without it getting in the way, providing the performance you need to hear in noisy situations.

You can choose your colour

The Osia System comes with five coloured covers for the sound processor, so you can change the colour based on your preference and mood. Albin loves his white Osia 2 Sound Processor. “It’s so fresh!” he says.

Find out more about the Cochlear Osia System.


* The Cochlear Osia 2 Sound Processor is compatible with Apple devices. The Osia SmartApp is available on App Store. For compatibility information visit

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