Get more from your Cochlear™ Baha® Sound Processor

Avoid these three common mistakes to help access the full potential of your hearing

Not using your technology properly might leave you struggling to understand conversations in loud environments. Or maybe you’re missing out on features you didn’t know existed.

Here are some common mistakes Baha sound processor recipients make, and tips to avoid them and get the most out of your Baha sound processor.

Mistake 1: Missing conversations because of background noise

The challenge of communicating in a noisy environment causes many people with hearing loss to avoid situations such as meeting friends in a loud restaurant, café or bar.

Rather than turning down invitations from friends or family, use the features and technology that are specifically designed to help you in these situations.

How: Use the Baha Smart App* to personalise your hearing

To complement the SmartSound® IQ technology, which automatically adjusts for different hearing conditions, you can personalise your listening experience by adjusting volume using the Smart App. The Baha Smart App also allows you to control Noise and Impulse Reduction, which can help in some situations. You can even geo-tag your favourite locations, with saved settings for the next time you visit.

Download the Baha Smart App or Baha 5 Smart App in the App Store or on Google Play.

Mistake 2: Not streaming directly from your smartphone

If you haven’t experienced sound streamed directly to your sound processor, you’re missing out. A workout at the gym can be more fun if you listen to your favourite music or a podcast. Streaming the call when chatting to a friend or colleague on the phone leaves your hands free to take notes as well.

How: Connect your smartphone to your Baha sound processor

Having sound at your fingertips is now easier than ever and True Wireless™ Devices may help you even further in some environments, such as meetings.

This video shows how to pair your Baha sound processor with a compatible Apple device.*

If you prefer Android, this video shows how to pair a compatible device* with your sound processor.

Mistake 3: Doing it alone

While it can be challenging, there’s no reason to feel like you’re on your hearing journey alone. There is support available and seeing news from other Baha recipients will help you feel less isolated.

How: Follow Cochlear on social media

Being part of Cochlear Family is the fastest way to get tips, advice and support, plus information about our latest technology.  Following Cochlear and other support groups on social media is another way to feel more supported by an inspiring community of people just like you.

Search for Cochlear on your preferred social media platforms now to follow us and stay in the loop.

* For compatibility information visit

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