Make a difference in someone’s life!

You could help someone else rediscover better hearing

Most people (and even some healthcare professionals) know very little about hearing implants. That’s why, with your experience and knowledge, you could help someone else find a solution to their hearing loss when they most need it.

Do you wish you had received your implant sooner? If so, you are like many Cochlear™ recipients. Yet, for every Cochlear recipient, there are thousands of people who have not taken any action to get their hearing checked, even though they know they have some form of hearing loss.1

You’re the expert

Better than anyone else, you know the difference that effective treatment for your hearing loss can make. You are not just accessing sound; you are reconnecting to other people and the world.  You know what that means for your social life, your confidence, your work, your relationships and your self-esteem.

The facts are…

We know people who have a shorter duration of hearing loss do better when they get an implant2.  We also know that, out of more than 15 million people worldwide who could benefit from a hearing implant, fewer than 5% do3. The common misconception that hearing loss is inevitable is one reason why many people delay taking action to treat their condition1.  In fact, on average, people wait 10 years before seeking treatment for their hearing loss4

Use your superpower

You (yes, you!) know more about hearing implants than most people. That means that you have the power to change other people’s lives! Talking openly about your CI or Baha® System could be all it takes to make someone aware of a solution they didn’t know existed.

Be the difference

Imagine if you had known about the possibility of a hearing implant five years earlier than you did. You can make this difference for someone else. Share what you know and help others to find effective treatment for their hearing loss sooner. 

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