Mini Mic helps at school and sports

Mini Mic makes sure Bella and Josh don’t miss out.

School is for learning, but learning takes place everywhere, not just in the classroom and it can be a lot more fun when children can engage in every activity without limits.  Meet two great kids who are enjoying every aspect of their school days with the help of this useful and versatile accessory.

Even though she hears clearly in the classroom, a Mini Mic helps Bella zero in on her teacher’s voice over classroom noise, making it clearer and easier to stay focused.

See how the Mini Mic benefits Bella in class:

For Josh, being able to play sports with his friends is important for his identity and joining in. With the Mini Mic, he can hear his mum cheering him on from the sidelines. And he is kept in the loop when the team coach gives instructions across the field.

See how Josh gets his head in the game with the Mini Mic:

For more information about the Cochlear Wireless Mini Microphone, click here.

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