Nicola doesn’t miss a beat with Osia

Tips to get the most out of your Osia System

Nicola from the UK used to put a lot of energy and planning into phone calls, scheduling them for when she could be in a quiet room on her own and using her phone’s loudspeaker. She missed key pieces of conversations, but still pretended to hear it all.

When her best friend relocated to New Zealand, Nicola knew the relationship hung on long-distance phone calls and the friendship suddenly felt at risk.

Since receiving her Cochlear™ Osia® System in 2021, Nicola now streams phone calls directly from her smartphone and can stay in touch easily and regularly with her friend, Becky. 

“We do a lot of facetime and calls through Messenger. We always pick up where we left off. The conversation flows a lot more and I don’t miss out on what we’re talking about.”

With her device always connected to her phone when she’s out and about, Nicola picks up calls anytime, anywhere which sometimes causes funny looks.

“I was out in a clothes shop and had a call from Becky’s sister. I was nattering away! It was so funny!”

And, recently, at dinner in a busy restaurant, she heard a lot more than she expected.

“I was struggling to hear so I put my Mini Mic in the middle of the table. After the meal, I went to the toilet – and could still hear the conversations!”

Nicola hasn’t missed a beat since using her device. By trialling different features and accessories, she knows what works for her. Here are Nicola’s tips to help you get the most out of your Osia 2 Sound Processor.

1. Connect to your mobile phone and start streaming

Don’t miss out on conversations – pair your compatible smartphone with your device and you can take calls when you’re out and about.

2. Try retention devices when being active in crowded places

Nicola loves “to have a boogie.” She says, “I do like a good ‘90s dance because that was my era leaving school and going out to the pub and club scene.”

At crowded pubs on the dance floor, she uses a Cochlear Safety Line with Hair Clip. Nicola also suggests checking with your audiologist about the best retention of your device.

3. Try different programs to find out what works for you

Trialling different programs available in the Osia Smart App helped Nicola adjust to various environments including a large open-air concert.

“Last year we went to see The Killers in Manchester. It was a huge crowd at an open-air concert,” she says. She changed the setting on her device to the ‘outdoor’ program and “it was amazing to be able to hear like normal. Before, it used to be on the dull side.”

4. Find which Cochlear accessories work for you

Nicola is able to socialise confidently with friends in a noisy pub or restaurant by using the Cochlear Wireless Mini Microphone 2+, which she places in the middle of the table.

“Before my Osia, I sat at the end of the table not really engaging in conversations, not being able to hear what they’re talking about. I isolated myself.”

Learn more about the Osia System or, if you are an Osia user, talk to your audiologist about which programs are available to you in your Osia Smart App.

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