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How we delivered on your tech wish list

A few years ago, we reached out to our cochlear implant recipients on Facebook to ask you to complete this sentence: “If I was designing the next Cochlear™ Sound Processor I would…”

Your suggestions were so powerful that we shared them with our engineers, who are constantly looking to innovate and deliver technology that can make a real difference in your life. We are proud to say that their work has been recognised with not only one, but three awards, this time for the Cochlear Nucleus® 8 Sound Processor – you can read more about that <<here>>

Here are some of the ways we have improved Cochlear technology based on your top requests.

You asked for: a better listening experience

We delivered…

Using the Cochlear™ Nucleus® Smart App, you can fine-tune your hearing settings to suit your situation by adjusting things like sensitivity or bass and treble.

The latest Cochlear™ Nucleus® 8 Sound Processor senses changes in your listening environment and automatically adjusts the sound using enhanced SmartSound® IQ 2 with SCAN 2, which has been designed to offer clearer sound compared to previous generation Nucleus 7 and Nucleus 6 Sound Processors.1–4

To better hear face-to-face conversations, you can turn on ForwardFocus¥, a feature which works to reduce noise coming from behind.5 The Cochlear™ Nucleus® 8 Sound Processor offers an improved ForwardFocus function, that more powerfully reduces distracting background noise compared to the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor with ForwardFocus on.5

You asked for: smaller, lighter sound processors, just as powerful with batteries that last

We delivered…

The Nucleus 8 Sound Processor is the world’s smallest behind-the-ear cochlear implant sound processor with the same battery life as the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor.

A choice of disposable or rechargeable battery options, including Compact and Power Extend, means you can select the best way to make your battery power your day.

If you prefer an off-the-ear option, the Nucleus® Kanso® 2 Sound Processor is the smallest and lightest rechargeable off-the-ear sound processor available.6

You asked for: even better MRI compatibility

We delivered…

The Cochlear Nucleus® Profile Plus Series Implant is designed to allow you to have routine magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with a 1.5 Tesla MRI machine or a high-definition 3 Tesla MRI machine without removing the magnet.

That means there’s no need to have additional surgery, no need to wear a bandage in the MRI machine, no delay in having your scan done and, most importantly, no unnecessary time without sound.

(Always check with your clinician about your specific implant before you have an MRI.)

You asked for: a smartphone app

We delivered…

The Nucleus Smart App allows you to manage your sound processor from a compatible device. It’s now easy to view battery status and check if the sound processor is working – just tap the battery icon. And, when you are on the phone, you can use the Smart App to block out surrounding noise and concentrate on the conversation.

We are continuously reviewing and testing new mobile devices and operating systems as they become available, so be sure to check the latest compatibility information.

You asked for: a location tracker for your sound processor

We delivered…

A ‘Find My Processor’ feature in the Nucleus Smart App to help you find a misplaced Nucleus processor.

You asked for: remote care

We delivered…

For Nucleus 7, Nucleus 8, and Nucleus Kanso® 2 Sound Processors, the Nucleus Smart App offers what we call ‘Remote Care’ solutions.7,8§ Using the internet, you can do a hearing check or have a video appointment with your clinician from the convenience of home.7,8§

For more information about Cochlear’s latest technology, visit our website.

And keep those ideas and suggestions coming. We never tire of working on improvements.


¥ ForwardFocus is a clinician-enabled feature that can be user controlled or automated.

† The following implants are designed to be compatible for MRI at 1.5 T and at 3.0 T with magnet in place: Nucleus Profile Plus Series: Cl612, Cl622, Cl632 and CI624. The following implants are designed to be compatible for MRI at 3.0 T with the magnet removed (should your doctor specifically recommend this procedure) and 1.5 T with magnet in place with use of the Cochlear MRI Kit: CI500 Series: CI512, CI522, CI532 and ABI541.

CI24RE Series: CI422, CI24REH (Hybrid L24), CI24RE (CA), CI24RE (CS) and CI24RE (ST).

CI24R Series: CI24R (CA), CI24R (CS), CI24R (ST). CI24M Series: CI24M, CI 11+11+2M and ABI24M. CI22 Series: CI22M (with removable magnet).

Implant magnet removal may be required to reduce image artefact.

‡ The Cochlear Nucleus Smart App is available on App Store and Google Play. For compatibility information visit

§ Remote Care is not available in all markets and patient must have cellular or WiFi connection for use of Remote Care features.


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