Tell us your story… and win a True Wireless™ Device!

At Cochlear Family we love to hear about your hearing journeys – each one is unique and since the Winter 2016/2017 Issue we have been running a regular prize draw to win a True Wireless™ Device.

All you have to do is to tell us how your cochlear implant has changed your life in either school, work or home and not only could you win a wireless device you will also have your story published in the Winter 2018 Issue of Cochlear Family News.

It can be in any format you like; a poem, photograph, drawing, video, article – it’s your choice. Just send us your story using the form on the right.

The chosen submission for the Autumn 2018 Issue is Kevin!

I was born deaf and I grew up never truly enjoying TV or music despite wearing hearing aids. When it became clear that my hearing aids were starting to fail me and my hearing became steadily worse I got a cochlear implant and not only did it save my hearing but it opened me up to a new world of sound. I began to hear people without having to lip-read, I could hear the different background noises instead of static or nothing and best of all I discovered the absolute pleasure and power of music for which I am forever grateful for.

Kevin, Nucleus recipient

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