Cochlear Family welcomes its 100,000th member

Recently we welcomed 18-month old Antoine Rivière as the 100,000th member of Cochlear Family. Diagnosed as profoundly deaf due to a cytomegalovirus, he received a cochlear implant four months ago, and now hears well in his right ear. His parents, Charly and Audrey, hope he will also be recommended for a bilateral implant within the next year.

Choosing Cochlear

Antoine’s parents looked at different brands and saw that Cochlear’s world-leading position and track record of investment as well as an unrivalled range of accessories and iPhone compatibility made it a good choice. The clinic agreed Cochlear was the most appropriate choice because it is well adapted to young children.

Making a difference

After only three weeks, Antoine began to react to hearing his own name. Now, after four months, he knows where the sound is coming from and even asks for his Sound Processor using sign language. Hearing is vital for his safety and connecting with others. He can hear sounds around him, like cars when he is near the road. And he can hear and talk to his family.

Being part of Cochlear Family

As Cochlear Family’s 100,000th member, Antoine joins a large, worldwide family of people integrated into the hearing world thanks to Cochlear. For more information about Cochlear Family, please visit our website.

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