Inspired by you for 40 years

We have devoted this year to you and the amazing things you’ve done

For over 40 years, Cochlear has been inspired by the bravery, resilience and achievements of people who hear with a Cochlear implant. When we asked Cochlear Family members to use social media and share their experiences to inspire others, we were moved by the stories we heard.

A picture paints a thousand words

These ‘then and now’ photos tell stories of lives that have inspired us and many others.

Mona had difficulties hearing since childhood and got her first hearing aid as a teenager. In 1977, at the age of 40, she became the world’s first bone conduction implant recipient, inspired by the desire to hear her daughter’s voice.

In 1982, Graham was the world’s first person to receive a commercial cochlear implant. After being unable to hear for 17 years, he valued the sense of connection he gained with his family, especially his daughters. Now, almost 40 years since getting his implant, Graham still appreciates the importance of hearing to feel connected to life and life’s opportunities.

Sue was one of the world’s first deaf people to make a phone call back in 1984. She ‘re-enacted’ the experience as one of the first people to stream a call directly to her ears using her cochlear implant and iPhone in 2017.

In 1987, Holly was one of the first children ever to receive a cochlear implant. Because of her determination and success, thousands of parents have been inspired to choose an implanted hearing solution for their own children. That’s something Holly can proudly smile about.

Debbie was determined to get the most from life and chose a cochlear implant to treat her hearing loss. Jeff, her husband of more than 30 years, was so inspired by Debbie’s experience that he made the same decision. You can read more about how they support and encourage each other here.

Sharing success creates success

These people, like you, consider themselves ordinary. We see people living extraordinary lives. Every day your strength, determination and resilience inspire us to take another step to improve the lives of all people with hearing loss.

When you share your experience with the world, you inspire others to take the next step on their own hearing journey.

Do something extraordinary today! Share your experience on social media. Tell others what inspired you and what you have achieved with your Cochlear implant. Use the hashtags #CochlearImplant  #BoneConductionImplant  #HearingImplant to help us find your posts and share them.

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