Keep your hat on!

How to wear a sun hat or headscarf with your hearing device.

Protecting yourself from the sun should be part of your summer routine, whatever you are doing.  And that usually means wearing a hat.  So how can you do that when you wear a Cochlear™ Nucleus®, Kanso® or Baha®?  It’s time to get creative!

Nucleus Natalie says, “Choose a hat that is worn loosely and make sure your sound processor is secure behind your ear so it won’t fall off if the wind catches your hat.”

Kanso Kris says, “I wear a baseball cap sideways and attach the sound processor through the hole that’s meant to be at the back.”

Baha Benito says, “I cut holes in the sides of my hat. The abutments poke through and I attach my Bahas on the outside.”

Stylish protection with a headscarf

A lightweight headscarf makes a classy alternative to a summer hat. There are so many ways to wear them, just play around to find one you like.

Nucleus Nafisa says, “A soft headband keeps my scarf in place at the front, and I wrap it loosely so it doesn’t press against my sound processors.

Baha Bella says, “I wrap my scarf in a turban so there’s a gap in the fabric for my Baha. It took a bit of practice but now I love the sleek look and being able to choose different scarves.”

Kanso Katarina says, “I just fold a square scarf into a triangle and tie it pirate-style. It’s loose over my sound processors and protects the back of my neck.”

Don’t interfere

Anything coming in contact with your sound processors may cause interference, but there is no reason why you can’t still wear something on your head to protect you from the sun, or just to accessorise.  Find a way that suits you and enjoy flawless style all summer.

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