“With ForwardFocus, I never have trouble understanding”

Meet champion fencer, Jonas, who is now training to help others with hearing loss

Meet Jonas, a 21-year-old fencer who achieved German national championship status twice, as well as winning silver and bronze medals.

Hearing is important to be able to quickly react to your opponent’s moves, says Jonas.

“It’s about recognising the reaction of your opponent … to hear the enemy’s footsteps and also when the blade touches. Without my implants, I certainly wouldn’t be as successful as I am now.”

Having recently upgraded to the Cochlear™ Nucleus® 8 Sound Processor, Jonas has noticed the difference in sound quality in both his sport and everyday life.

The Nucleus 8 Sound Processor is dust- and splash-proof^ and ideal for sportspeople and those who love to work out. In addition, Jonas is loving ForwardFocus±, which he has chosen to have fully automated rather than turn it on and off manually in the Nucleus Smart App. ForwardFocus powerfully reduces distracting background noise when you want to focus on face-to-face conversation.1

“With the ForwardFocus feature, I never have trouble understanding my friend, especially when it’s a little louder around us,” says Jonas. “With the new sound processors, the background noise is even more lowered, making it clear again and my understanding of speech has improved.”

The other major difference from his previous devices is the ability to directly stream phone calls, music, and entertainment simultaneously to both ears from his compatible smartphone. It’s something that he appreciates about Cochlear’s “advancing technology” for recipients like himself, who have had their implants since childhood.

Today Jonas is training to be a hearing aid acoustician and would like to enable other people to hear better with the help of new technology and his technical support.

“Hearing is for me a great gift in terms of the quality of life that was given to me,” says Jonas. “And I am glad that I can do the same for my customers.”

Find out more about the Nucleus 8 Sound Processor: www.cochlear.com/nucleus8

Learn more about ForwardFocus <<here>>

  1. Cochlear Limited. D1964109 Clinical Investigation Report CLTD5804 – Feb 2022.
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± ForwardFocus is a clinician-enabled feature that can be user controlled or automated.

^ The Cochlear Nucleus 8 Sound Processor is dust and water resistant to level IP68 of the International Standard IEC60529. The Nucleus 8 Sound Processor was tested to a depth of up to 1 metre for up to 1 hour. Refer to the relevant user guide for more information.

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