Enjoying an active lifestyle

Nucleus® Kanso® enhances Carly’s pleasure in sports, exercise and social activities.

Twenty-four-year-old Carly Sane lives a very active lifestyle, running and snowboarding amidst the beautiful background of the Colorado mountains.

‘I feel like the Kanso and having these Cochlear accessories such as the Phone Clip has enhanced my running,’ says Carly. ‘I can listen to music and stream it very easily from my phone while I work out.’

Carly’s Kanso fits neatly under her helmet and she can enjoy listening to music safely as she snowboards with friends. ‘A great feature with the Cochlear™ accessories is you can decide how much outside noise you want to hear… from your phone or whatever device you’re streaming from,’ she says. By mixing music from her sound processor with the sounds she receives via the external microphones, Carly can ensure that she can hear and talk to her skiing buddies.

Carly also loves listening to live music and dancing, particularly during the summer months.

‘I think my dance moves have gotten a lot better since I’ve been activated, because I can hear the music so I can match the rhythm of my dancing,’ says Carly.

‘I would recommend to people, especially active people, that maybe a Kanso makes sense for them.’

For more about the Nucleus Kanso.

And to hear more about the freedom Kanso brings to Carly’s active lifestyle, watch the video below.

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