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Are you getting the most from the Nucleus® Smart App?

The Nucleus Smart App has a wealth of great features to give you control over your hearing. This article offers tips to help you get the most from your Cochlear™ Nucleus® 7 with the Nucleus Smart App. Check out the video at the end of Swedish recipient Lennart Arlinger and his Nucleus 7.


Have you tried ForwardFocus? It’s specially designed for situations where the sounds around you may distract you from the conversation you want to focus on. It works by reducing noise coming from behind you, which makes it easier to enjoy face-to-face conversations. ForwardFocus first needs to be activated during programming by your clinician. After that, it’s up to you to turn it on and off, because only you know when ForwardFocus is what you need.

When might you choose to activate ForwardFocus? Put simply, ForwardFocus is perfect for when you want to ignore what’s going on behind you and focus on the people in front of you. Here are some examples:

  • In an open-plan office when you need to concentrate on your conversation with one colleague.
  • At a cafe, restaurant or bar when there are multiple conversations going on at the tables behind you.
  • At a networking event when you want to focus on listening to one person.
  • When you go to meet your child’s teacher at school and you need to tune out the children in the background.

You can see ForwardFocus in action here.

Find My Processor

Most people have misplaced their sound processor at some time or another. If you are one of them, you will love this handy feature in the Nucleus Smart App. Here’s how it works …

  • Click on the menu button at the top left of the app screen.
  • Choose ‘find my processor’ to see a map that shows the last location your sound processor was connected to your mobile device.
  • You can click ‘nearby’ to help you find the device if it is connected with your mobile device (e.g. if you lose it in your house or office).

Not forgetting…

Along with these features, the Nucleus Smart App gives you full control over your hearing. You can change settings or streaming volume and check battery life … all from your Android or Apple smartphone!

And it’s no secret that we always try to make your listening day run smoothly, so keep your eyes and ears open for more hints and tips about the Smart App in future.

Find out more about the Nucleus Smart App, see FAQs here.

This is the life!

For Swedish recipient Lennart Arlinger, the Nucleus 7 fits perfectly with an active and sociable lifestyle.

A winter walk in the crisp snow is an opportunity to enjoy whatever sounds are around. Walking alone, Lennart might listen to the snow crunching under his footsteps or the quiet noises from nature. Other times, his walks are a chance to connect with his wife or take a call on his iPhone.

With the Nucleus Smart App on his iPhone, he can check battery life and settings, so he hears well all day long. By the evening there is more for Lennart to enjoy – you might find him in a meeting at the social club or popping on his Aqua+ and relaxing outdoors in the hot tub. And all possible with the Nucleus 7 and Smart App.

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