Love Android? You’ll love streaming!

Nucleus® 7 latest release supports direct streaming for Android.

The Cochlear™ Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor takes connectivity to a whole new level with the ability to stream directly from Android™ devices.

Nucleus 7 breaks new ground

Since Cochlear launched the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor, people have been enjoying the freedom to stream directly from their Apple devices. Now it’s time for Android lovers to join the party.

With its latest release, Nucleus 7 allows even more recipients to connect with people, music, podcasts, movies and more. Yes, integrated direct streaming is now possible from compatible Apple and also Android devices!

A new level of connectivity

The Nucleus 7 Sound Processor is the world’s first to offer direct streaming and control from a smartphone. It makes it easier to stay in touch with a phone call or video call to friends, family and colleagues. Catching up with podcasts or a favourite TV show is relaxing and simple while you are on the move. Or stay mobile and listen to your favourite music or audiobook while you get on with household chores or gardening. The possibilities are endless.

Find out more about Nucleus 7.

There’s also good news for people with two cochlear implants or a cochlear implant and a hearing aid. It’s possible to stream directly to both ears and control the settings for both using the simple and intuitive Nucleus Smart App.

More about the app

The Nucleus Smart App lets you conveniently monitor and adjust your settings, view personalised hearing information as well as check the status of your battery. The app can also help you locate your Nucleus 7 Sound Processor if you misplace it.

To experience all the features of the Nucleus Smart App, download for free from your country website, the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.

Is your mobile device compatible?

To find out if your Apple or Android device is compatible with the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor, visit

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