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Cochlear Family members receive exclusive discount

It would be stressful to be without your sound processor at any time, even more so if something goes wrong whilst you are working abroad or away on holiday.

The Cochlear™ Travel Programme means you don’t need to worry about finding a local clinic or spending the rest of your trip in silence. With three plans to suit the needs of different travellers, we’ve got you covered. You just need to decide which service suits you best and let us know where and when you are going.

Single Trip Plan – Perfect for occasional holidays and travel, with a family option.

Don’t risk your holiday being spoiled or your business trip being cut short. In the event of you losing or damaging your sound processor, we will ship a temporary replacement to you to ensure you are hearing again as quickly as possible.

Annual Cover Plan – Great value for those who travel frequently.

There is no need to make special arrangements each time you go away. With our Annual Cover Plan, it doesn’t matter how often you travel or how many different destinations you visit. If you lose or damage your sound processor, we will ship a temporary replacement to you as quickly as possible. That’s one thing less to worry about when you are planning a trip.

Full Backup Plan – Designed for ultimate peace of mind.

In the event of a trip to a more remote country or perhaps you want extra peace of mind whilst away, you may prefer to carry a backup sound processor with you. With our Full Backup Plan, we send a backup sound processor directly to you before you leave home. You can then enjoy your trip, knowing that you have a replacement sound processor immediately available should you need it.

Cochlear Family members receive an exclusive member discount of 25% off the price of the Full Backup Plan.

How the service works

The Cochlear Travel Programme is available for Nucleus® 5, Nucleus® 6, Nucleus® 7 and Kanso™ sound processors. Each plan provides a spare sound processor only, always take your own spare cables, coils and batteries with you when you travel.

For Single Trip and Annual Cover Plans, in most cases a temporary replacement sound processor would be with you within approximately two working days. Exact delivery times vary by location.

Contact us at uktravel@cochlear.com for a Cochlear Travel Programme application form or for more information.

Now nothing should hold you back from enjoying your travels!

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