Personalise what you hear.

Jason goes from work to gym with Smart App.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could personalise the sound on your sound processor to suit the different environments you are in? Find out how Jason Jamilano gets the most out of his sound processor with this Smart App.

Whether it’s work or school, the gym or just a quiet space, every listening environment is different. Jason Jamilano uses our Smart App that allows him to personalise the settings on his sound processor as he moves from one environment to another.

‘I can programme the address or a geolocation, so every time I walk through that location, it … reprogrammes it and then, adjusts my processor. It’s pretty amazing’

says Jason.

Geolocation is just one of the features of the Cochlear™ Baha® Smart App that 41-year-old Jason finds helpful as he goes about his everyday life. Jason says in addition to the default programmes set up by his audiologist, he can stream music and take phone calls directly from his iPhone or via his wireless accessory. The App even allows him to find his sound processor if it gets lost.

Hear Jason’s review of the Baha Smart App by watching the video.

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