Scholarship winners offer their advice

Meet Lauren and Yasmina, our 2020 Scholarship winners

Cochlear is proud to support the academic excellence of our recipients through two scholarships for further study:

  • The Graeme Clark Scholarship for Cochlear™ Nucleus® implant recipients
  • The Anders Tjellström Scholarship for Cochlear™ Baha® implant recipients.

We take pride in seeing our recipients use their Cochlear or Baha system to help them succeed in their studies and reach personal goals. We award our scholarships based on academic achievement and a demonstrated commitment to the Cochlear ideals of leadership and humanity.

Meet this year’s winners Lauren and Yasmina and find out what life with a hearing implant means to them.

Our winners; Lauren, Baha recipient (left) and Yasmina, CI recipient (right)

How does a hearing implant allow you to live the life you want?

Yasmina: “My cochlear implant gives me the confidence to live a normal life amongst hearing people. I go out with groups of friends without feeling isolated because of missing out on the conversations. I attend lectures at my university and follow what is being said. I participate in small group teaching and contribute to the discussion. And I enjoy listening to music! It is impossible for me to imagine what life would be like without my implants.”

Lauren: “Hearing through a Baha has opened up a range of new sounds that I didn’t realise I was deprived of for so long. Simple sounds such as a phone ringing has been amplified and is much clearer. My Baha has given me the confidence and opportunities that I once did not have, I am now able to talk in large groups and communicate with my friends and family with confidence that I am correctly hearing them. I live a life of confidence, happiness and overall feel very blessed to have a Baha.”

What does winning the Scholarship mean to you?

Yasmina: “I am honoured because I can help others. Somewhere, there will be the parents of a baby that has been born deaf who may feel shocked because of the unexpected diagnosis. For them, reading the stories of deaf children who benefit from having implants and who go on to university without being impeded would be a great inspiration.”

Lauren: “In my school I was surrounded by friends winning sports scholarships and unfortunately for me, sports were very limited because of the risk of hitting or damaging my head. I never thought I would have been able to share my friend’s achievements in getting a scholarship. This now allows me to continue my journey in which I hope to share my life experiences and help others like me.” 

What would you say to someone who is considering a hearing implant?

Yasmina: “After hearing the doctors and the other professionals, my advice is for you to meet with people who have implants. Talk to the parents to find out what they went through and talk to implanted children to find out what impact the implants have had on them. Meeting with the users of cochlear implants is the key to help you decide.”

Lauren: “Without a doubt it is very daunting as it is a huge life changer, but it is for the better! To someone who is considering a Baha; your life will be filled with beautiful sounds which will allow you to grow into a strong and confident person, there will be no missing out again.” 

We wish both Yasmina and Lauren all the best in their onward studies and every success for the future!

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