TV star ‘Incredible Hulk’ now hears with a cochlear implant

Actor Lou Ferrigno says having a CI is ‘like reliving my life.’

Lou Ferrigno, most known for his role in the hit American TV series The Incredible Hulk, has taken the step to treat his sensorineural hearing loss with a cochlear implant to help achieve his goal to remain fit and healthy as he ages.

Watch Lou Ferrigno, 69, actor, fitness expert and retired bodybuilder, as his cochlear implant is turned on and he can hear again (video subtitles only in English).

Ferrigno, also the youngest and only two-time consecutive and Guinness World Record™ holder for the IFBB Mr Universe title, has been impacted by hearing loss nearly his whole life.

Hearing loss started for Ferrigno when he was a toddler because of ear infections, and he began wearing hearing aids at age four. Over the years, Ferrigno tried different types of hearing aids – none helping him achieve the hearing he needed.

In February 2021, Ferrigno underwent cochlear implant surgery and uses a Cochlear™ Kanso® 2 Sound Processor.

“I worked very hard to speak and hear with hearing aids for so long, but I finally learned that, with my profound hearing loss, the best hearing aid in the world was not going to give me the clarity in speech I needed at my level of loss,” said Ferrigno.

“My cochlear implant has, so quickly, taken me to a new level of hearing. It’s like I’m reliving my life again.”

Ferrigno describes the joy of being able to hear his wife, who whispered from 15 metres away in their home, after his implant was turned on. He is surprised by the little, ambient noises he can hear now too, like tapping and ticking of home appliances. And he is very much looking forward to hearing the cries of his new twin grandchildren.

“I’m someone that has had profound hearing loss almost all my life, so if this cochlear implant is working for me already, it can give other people hope too. I wish I would have entertained a cochlear implant sooner. There is no shame in hearing loss and getting it treated,” said Ferrigno.

Ferrigno has been putting practice into his hearing therapy and rehabilitation as well, underscoring that like working out, hearing rehab takes work, practice and patience. He touts his commitment to rehabilitation, including using hearing therapy apps, watching online talks and movies, as being critical to his fast success with his cochlear implant, stating “The more you put into it, the better it is.”

What can you do?

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